Divum Team

Vaideeswaran Sethuraman, Founder and CEO

Vaidee, holds an MS from BITS Pilani. He wrote the first lines of code for an iphone app while he was at a mall in Bangalore. These days he’s usually out and about running Divum’s business affairs, quoting business proposals, evangelizing emerging mobile platforms and delivering keynote addresses across the globe in conferences on mobile ecosystem. He is also a EDA consultant for a chip designing Silicon Valley based Startup. Vaidee still contributes hands-on to the application development projects and UI at Divum. Before Divum, Vaidee held leadership and technical roles in Texas Instruments, Montalvo Systems and AMD. Vaidee spends his very little and hard-earned spare time venturing off-road trips in his SUV and shooting migratory birds with his DSLR

Sreelakshmi Vaideeswaran, Co Founder and Director

An ardent Bangalorean hailing from a traditional entrepreneurial family, Sree, as she is fondly called, is strong-willed and is gifted with an unmistakable acumen in financial strategizing. Sree is the Co-Founder of Divum. Her sturdy savviness in business thinking has helped the company garner crucial deals in the early days and is currently responsible for Finance, Marketing, HR and Administration. With a Graduation in Science and Diploma in Management, Sree has held several positions at Honeywell, Mphasis and T8 software before taking the plunge into entrepreneurship.

Krishna SL, Technical Evangelist

Krishna brings to table the efficiency and aura of a Greek God in terms of churning out complex codes and algorithms. His Problem solving abilities have helped solve many complex issues and thus execute the projects smoothly in the past at divum. Currently he is the point of contact for our clients on freezing several project spec, analysing the technical feasibilities and he is also responsible for the team to adapt to newer technologies time to time. Prior to Divum, Krishna has held several key positions in the semiconductor industry at companies such as Montalvo and AMD.

Ramesh Neelakantan, Program manager

Ramesh is the epicenter of our developer eco-system. He is responsible for legal contracts, process documentations, version controls, project testing and overall accounts administration of Divum. Prior to Divum, Ramesh played strategic roles of consulting for clients of MindTree at locations like Singapore, Australia and India.

VijayRam, Senior Manager-Operations

Vijay, a MS graduate from BITS-Pilani, is the technomanagement guru with proven experience in Telecom domains. His professional experience includes 11+ years in IT with over 7+ years of Telecom exposure including engineering, management and solution sales. At Divum, Vijay leads by example. Depending on the project, he  covers all aspects from the design stage through to completion and handover to the client. He is responsible for complete client account handling and project management, where he ensures the client’s requirements are met, the project is completed on time and within budget. Apart from Project Management, Vijay captures the bold and innocence of the wild lives in his spare time with his Canon 40D/400D and Canon 18-55mm,50mm,500mm lens and blogs them in LifeAroundLens.com!

Prashant Gupta, Business Development Head- Global

Prashant, a graduate of Xavier Insitute of Communications come with a complete hands on knowledge on application development on all the mobility platforms, in the past Prashant as built a complete new team in the area of mobile application development. He is an expert in the area of usage of agile in mobile game development with complete SDLC experience.At Divum, Prashant heads Business Development where he is responsible to build market position by locating, developing, defining, negotiating, and closing business relationships. He also screens potential business deals by analyzing market strategies, deal requirements, potential and financials for Divum by  evaluating options; resolving internal priorities.

Chethan P, Lead- Developer

Chetan started his programming career with Divum back in 2009, making him one of the key members of the team that has enabled Divum since its early days of inception. He loves exploring and learning new technologies & software languages and enjoys spending long hours to master solving key problems quickly. In his free time, he enjoys listening to music, meddling with his gadgets and watching loads of movies.

Ramachandran Rajendran, Lead- Developer

It’s been over 2+ years since Rama joined Divum and it has been a journey that’s worth remembering as an senior android app developer is what he says. With a bit of knowledge on programming skills before joining divum, Rama has gone through delivering high quality branded and complex apps at divum, which proved to be the best thing he had ever done, professionally. As the lead now, Rama’s challenges and responsibility have increased- which he enjoys the most out here.

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