Divum Foundational Principles

Customer first

Keep customer’s interest at the centre of all decision making.


Strive for high standards and always exceed expectations. Get it right the first time

Team Spirit

Lead with compassion. Respect for colleagues. Build relationships. Communicate. Collaborate.


Ethical behaviour, honesty and transparency in all interactions.

Always be learning

Build competencies.

Adaptability and Agility

Adapt swiftly to new challenges in our fast-changing world. Embrace learning new things without fear, and dive right in.

Buck stops here

No excuse attitude towards ownership of responsibilities. Don’t wait for things. Be proactive and take things under control.

Sense of urgency

Time is ticking for customers as well as Divum. Anything which starts must be handled with a sense of urgency and closed in a time-bound manner. There is no long-term without a great short-term.

Earn the trust & credibility

Trust and credibility are earned, not given. Work towards it. With colleagues and with customers.

Grit and resilience

Handle tough situations with poise and confidence. Learn from them and move on.