Adopting cutting edge technologies

Early adoption and implementations with newer and better technologies to ensure our clients always stay ahead of the curve

We bring strong backend engineering expertise spaning across all major backend stack with ability
to pow legacy and the latest stack.


Scalability and Security of any Digital Platform depends on the backend systems. In the last 14+ years, we have built backend systems to support secure B2B enterprise platforms as well as B2C platforms that need to generate/process transactions across millions of concurrent users. Our solutions include.

Our team can help you architect, engineer and build backend systems for enterprise applications, B2C / B2B software products and SaaS solutions using prevalent secure, portable, and scalable backend frameworks.


We build high impact web solutions for enterprises and startups across the web technologies journey right from Web 1.0 (Simple Websites), Web 2.0 (Social Networks & Blogs) and Web 3.0 (Semantic Websites). Our team has built more than 500+ rich, interactive and leading web solutions for some of the leading enterprises and startups such as BigBasket, Samsung and more.


Divum, as an organization, started with the start of the Mobile technology revolution globally. We are a few of the first technology companies to design, engineer and build some of the first mobile products across all mobile platforms be it Apple iOS, Microsoft, Blackberry, Samsung, Nokia, Android and KaiOS ecosystem. As a team, we have anchored and evangelized the Mobile revolution in India.

Cloud Computing Technologies


With the advent of Cloud Computing, as a team, we are early adopters of some of the leading cloud computing platforms. We have built and deployed 500+ products/solutions on AWS platform. We are a certified partner of AWS Partner Network.


We have leveraged most of the technologies and services offered on Google Cloud Platform for building/deploying some of the leading Digital platforms that demand high scalability and security.

Google’s Internet Saathi platform and a global point to point Travel planning and booking platform engineered for a scale similar to MakeMyTrip platform was built by Divum team on Google Cloud platform.

We also built one of our own end to end automated e-Commerce platform covering Sourcing, Order Generation, Order Management, Operations, Packing, Delivery and Customer Engagement with its own ML based Demand Prediction engine completely on Google Cloud platform stack leveraging services such as Big Query, TensorFlow, App Engine and other GCP services.


For most of our enterprise solution implementations, our team has been using Microsoft Azure platforms and services. To name a few, our Inventory Management platform for L&T Constructions, IoT enabled Sport Analytic platform for Anil Kumble’s startup Spektacom in joint collaboration with Microsoft Azure team was implemented by the Divum team on Microsoft Azure platform and used Azure services extensively.


Oracle We have been enabling enterprises running on Oracle ERP and cloud platform with digital solutions integrated with their existing Oracle stack. We have implemented a large scale.

Blockchain solution on Oracle cloud for an enterprise customer.

Data Engineering & Deep Learning


In today's Data Economy, enterprises need Data to be readily available for analysis at scale and make informed decisions.

Data Warehouses and Data Lakes implementations receive massive data in-flows from transactional systems, relational & non-relational databases and other external systems. We enable our customers in implementing the right data platforms, BI solutions and analytical applications that store data efficiently, leverage data securely at scale and deliver faster query responses.

Our team's expertise across all prevalent Databases, Data Warehouses and Data Lake technologies makes this part of the Digital Transformation journey easier.

Big Data Engineering

We have enabled organizations to gain actionable insights from massive and complex enterprise data through Big Data technologies.

With various technology options that are available such as Kafka, Amazon RedShift, Google Data Store, Cassandra, we have accelerated business growth for our customers by enabling them to make smart decisions based on relevant data that matters out of the trillions of bytes of enterprise data.

Machine Learning / AI

Solving tough data challenges and harnessing the power of enterprise wide predictive analytics and real-time insights is complicated and demands strong cross functional technology expertise. With our extensive experience in building solutions leveraging ML / AI & Cognitive technologies such as Tensor Flow, Azure Machine Learning, Amazon Machine Learning, SciKit-Learn, Spark MLlib, OpenCV and R, we make Machine Learning journey tad easier and give measurable ROI for our enterprise customers often millions of dollars savings/revenue generation.


For every successful Digital Transformation project, we engage our integrated Agile technology teams that sets-up DevOps practices/tools leveraging technologies/frameworks such as CI/CD, Kubernetes, Docker, Jenkins, Azure DevOps and more. This support for adopting DevOps empowers our customers with the ability to respond to customer needs faster and achieve enterprise goals faster through their software solutions/products.