Divum’s Tech Solutions are redefining the Travel Trends.

Making vision a reality. Divum was brought in as a technical partner for a travel service company that offers a wide array of travel services, acting as an ideal itinerary planner to alleviate the anxiety associated with the daunting task of planning every aspect of a trip to provide a smooth travel experience. Our tech experts worked on building custom features that truly align with the company's vision and set it apart from the competition.

As a result, the unique custom features designed for travel service companies include real-time door-to-door itinerary until your final destination, flight status, and key factors that influence a customer's ease of travel such as legroom, the most recent flight updates in case of ETA changes, the cheapest deals available across travel websites, and more.

We helped the travel service provider in implementing the custom-built features such as real-time itinerary until your final destination, flight status, and key factors that influence a customer's ease of travel such as legroom, the most recent flight updates in case of ETA changes, the cheapest deals available across travel websites, and more.

The digital transformation process starts with Divum’s engineering team who set up a robust infrastructure for hosting customizations. After the project is completed and tested for major issues, we step forward to design new features that would make the existing platform capable of handling massive data volumes.

We at Divum, also developed features for their mobile application so they can deliver a new and reimagined flight search experience designed to help you make informed decisions to book best and cheapest flight in least amount of time.

We constructed a recommendation engine using machine learning that takes into account a user's past booking record as well as user’s data to recommend the best suitable flight for customer in order to recommend the cheapest flight by comparing their current location to all available airports they can fly from. This information is dynamic and constantly updated as new deals become available.

We at Divum are developing customized and scalable solutions for website and mobile apps that provide both a platform to create and deliver unique experiences, as well as monetize beyond just ad-based revenue.

Divum also built end-to-end ticket management system for call center where once the customer connects with the contact center, a ticket is generated and the center can track their tickets, cancel them, amend or update their bookings, collect payment, and resolve any other custom issues through the portal.

Fully functional solutions we implemented:

1. Prediction Technology:

Our prediction technology is built based on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. We use data spanning over 30 years of travel trends and patterns to feed our algorithm and drive the predictions, resulting in more accurate predictions.

2. Real-Time Data:

Traditionally, there are two ways of collecting real-time data on websites — one is by linking up with companies/systems that have a real-time feed of price changes as well as flight status updates. We at Divum have implemented a mechanism so that we can pull real-time data from all sorts of sources ranging from airlines to social media postings of other users which results in more accurate alerts regarding price changes, availability, etc.

3. Price Comparison:

We have created an intelligent system that allows users to compare flight ticket prices across all airlines. This intelligent system scours through millions of deals online, then saves them and organizes them based on price and last minute availability status so that you can find a good deal easier and faster.

4. Get an itinerary from door-to-door:

As a customer, you just need to enter your destination and Divum will do the rest by telling you the cost of your tickets and the duration you can travel in.

5. See a complete flight experience:

Divum helps users compare the flight tickets and gives them an overview of the cheapest flight to choose from. It also allows them to see the travel itinerary (duration and cost) in advance. The technology has been recently customized by Divum, with a user-friendly interface that is easy to comprehend as well as access without any hassles.

6. Make traveling easy with trip mode:

An all-new Trip Mode activates up to 5 hours before your flight and alerts you with the time you must leave home, guides you to your boarding gate, provides baggage belt information when you arrive, and much more. Divum’s tech solution has helped the travel service provider in improving its services and databases which helps them gather more information about its customers so they can implement better business strategies.

7. Check-in alerts:

Get notified when the check-in window opens for your flight so you can reserve your preferred seat.

8. Analytics:

Divum has data-driven tools so that we can capture and store all the data on their website and apps to improve their services, as well as, can achieve better results and drive revenue without worrying about security issues. We also built a system that allows them to track and analyze every feature they implemented in the past using customized reports. The reports help them analyze the performance of each feature and then implement changes accordingly.

Divum offered solutions to a vast range of customers, from small and medium businesses to large corporations. Our team designed solutions that can cater to the needs of customers from multiple backgrounds and industries ranging from online retail to brick-and-mortar retailers.

By tailoring customized solutions for these specific customer segments, the travel service provider is able to help them improve their operations through data-driven analysis and innovation. As a result, more businesses are making use of Divum’s customer analytics solution which allows them to track customer behavior through their websites and apps so that they can do better marketing strategies.


As a company, we have been able to offer our customers the highest-quality technology and services. We have achieved this by applying our tried-and-tested technology and engineering expertise.

Divum Technologies has a team of more than 30 expert developers and designers who have created a scalable framework that allows us to deliver quality solutions at an affordable price. We can provide customized solutions from proof of concept to landing page design and full web development implementation powered by the latest technology stack.

Divum Technologies is recognized for its tailored approach to the digital world, with partners in both US & India who share our passion for delivering exceptional digital experiences as well as driving business results.

We offer a range of integrated solutions and several customized solutions for different sectors of the travel industry such as travel technology, eCommerce industry, etc.