Medical Device Data Transfer

We at Divum implemented a LoRa-based network for a clinical analytics solution to hospital enterprises. The solution captures data from the medical devices (ICU device unit) using IoT technology. This data is pushed to the AWS cloud, and doctors can monitor their patients in ICU on their mobile app in real-time. This enables doctors to improve patient care by efficiently monitoring their patients.

Solution offers numerous benefits to hospitals. It aids in the monitoring of hospital equipment and is less expensive than manual filing and data collection. Additionally, it eliminates human error in data entry, which is quite prevalent in hospitals due to the large number of devices involved. Our experts used IoT technology based on the LoRaWAN platform to implement our solution.

The Cohere system will eliminate the need for data entry by nurses and manual data entry work, allowing physicians to access real-time data from any part of a hospital, from any location via their wearables, mobile phones, or any other device at any time. It will also enable physicians and nurses to access patient information in the event of a problem. This provides hospitals with a great deal of flexibility to know the patient's medical needs in real-time and respond on time.

This will aid hospitals in gaining better and quicker control over their facility and patients.This would be beneficial for companies like Foxconn, which manufactures medical devices, as they could package this clinical analytics software solution for hospitals along with their medical equipment, which will be a great value add to their customers.

Without a proper solution, the data could be ridden with errors. Since many medical devices, such as glucose monitors, are regularly calibrated in hospitals, a patient's readings at home may differ from those obtained in the hospital.

On the other hand, the solution allows for easy data analysis and faster communication between doctors and patients. This can ensure that patients receive the correct treatment at the right time, avoiding possible deaths.

The solution will allow hospitals to focus on patient care, not data entry. The data can be accessed from anywhere, and since the data is easy to access from the cloud, hospitals can save a great deal of money that would previously be spent on medical devices.