Digital Transformation Services

Digital Transformation Services:

Devising a digital strategy tailored to your business needs.

It has become imperative for companies to adapt to evolving market trends and customer needs. A company must make radical changes to its core processes to improve adaptability.

While digital transformation isn't new, businesses still have difficulty figuring out the most efficient way to optimize the said process. That’s where Divum collaborates as a strategic technology partner. We are committed to transitioning a business into a digital enterprise to gain a sustainable competitive advantage.

Whether it is about automating core processes, implementing an e-commerce platform, building predictive models, migrating your workflow process, or integrating cloud services into your applications, we have the expertise, tools, process, and people to help you shape your company into a high-performing digital enterprise by making foundational changes, scaling processes, and thus achieving desired results.

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To help businesses and organizations succeed in today's digital world, Divum offers bespoke digitization solutions.


Divum has the vision, methodology, and technology to facilitate digital transformation, from providing consulting services to designing, developing, and delivering advanced solutions.

- We ensure that your business applications are constantly monitored, optimized, and enhanced to meet your changing business needs by utilizing process-driven technology solutions and industry best practices.

We have a team of domain experts who specialize in managing the overall system for the enterprise. They are accountable for your business's ongoing performance, quality, and reliability.

Divum is a team of more than 125+ technology professionals with extensive experience creating and maintaining bespoke solutions to achieve maximum scalability and optimal performance.

They work hand-in-hand with our clients' teams to solve critical business challenges through custom software solutions. This includes transforming existing legacy systems into modern platforms suitable for large-scale transformation projects.

- Application Support in the resolution of issues like usability issues, code & DB defects:

A wide range of application and website-related issues can arise from time to time. We have the expertise in creating custom software solutions specifically designed to resolve these issues without diverting resources from core business processes.

Divum has a team of expert consultants qualified to provide support for your applications and websites. We work closely with you to resolve critical issues in the shortest possible time so that you can focus on running your core business processes.

- Application Performance, Security & Compliance Management support:

Our application security auditing services provide optimized risk management to help you balance cost with protection. The enterprise-grade portals put users back in control by giving them direct access to critical information at the point of need.

We have a team of experts who work hand-in-hand with our clients' teams to solve critical business challenges through custom software solutions. This includes transforming existing legacy systems into modern platforms suitable for large-scale transformation projects.


Divum has a combination of skills that enables it to solve critical business problems and deliver quality end products. We leverage these skills to help you realize maximum value from your data assets. Our work will enable you to achieve a competitive edge in the digital economy.

Our data engineers assist you with the implementation of a robust and reliable strategy for your enterprise. We work with you to find answers to some of the most complex and challenging questions - from Data Quality Management, Data Integration, and Process Transformation to Big Data Analytics & Processing.

- Building Data Pipelines:

Divum can help you build a complete and secure data pipeline from the raw data to your most critical business processes. This includes creating and redesigning business processes to make the best use of data and integrating the results into your business.

Our Data Engineering experts work hand-in-hand with our clients' teams to solve critical business challenges through customized solutions, such as building enterprise data pipelines.

Divum has a team of experts with extensive experience building custom Big Data solutions. We design, build and automate data integration pipelines with advanced ETL (Extraction, Transformation, and Loading) capabilities that help clients meet their business objectives.

- Database and Data Warehouse optimization:

We help clients leverage the full power of their existing data assets. Divum takes a comprehensive approach to creating an inventory of the organization's available data, analyzing their current processes, and providing recommendations on improving performance, reducing costs, and increasing efficiency.

- Set up and manage Data Lake:

Divum has a team of proven experts who work hand-in-hand with our clients' teams to solve critical business challenges through customized solutions, such as setting up and managing data lakes. We develop, build and manage Data Lake systems, working with clients to set up their data pipelines and back-end enterprise systems.

- Real-time and batch data processing:

Businesses today must react to fast-changing customer requirements and market opportunities with more agility and faster time-to-market. We have developed solutions that enable us to extract, transform and load data from various sources automatically. Our customers can upload, integrate, analyze and report their data in real-time.

Divum's solutions enable automated analysis of customer demand and would allow businesses to respond effectively to changing market conditions. These capabilities help drive cost savings associated with faster response times, more flexible capacity planning, improved competitive position, and turnaround times. We can assist you in creating a highly scalable data processing system to process massive amounts of data at the speed of light. Our Enterprise Data Grid solution is a set of integrated services that capture, store, process, and analyze data from diverse data sources, including web streams and newswires.

- Data Analytics & Insights:

Data is very crucial for any business today, but it is not enough to understand the information you have in your possession. You need the expertise to use it effectively - and that's where we come in.

We work hand-in-hand with our client's teams to solve critical business challenges through custom software solutions. This includes transforming legacy systems into modern platforms suitable for large-scale transformation projects.

We help clients translate data into actionable insights for better decision-making. With our industry knowledge and domain expertise, we create compelling insights to improve decision-making and business performance.

- Data Visualization:

Enterprises today have lots of information but don't always have the expertise to extract insights from it. Combined with data-driven decision-making, visualization is the best way to extract the maximum value from your data assets. We are experienced in creating engaging visualizations that help you gain meaningful insights and make better decisions.

Our customers can utilize our software solutions to explore various business dimensions. We help our clients visualize their large volumes of data for business analysis. Our data visualization dashboard solutions are used to provide end-user BI support and provide management with a powerful Dashboard for decision making.

- Blockchain-based database systems:

Is your database secure? We use Blockchain technology to build databases with unprecedented levels of security and reliability. Our Blockchain solution helps you store data in a secure, private, and reliable manner.

Our engineers use blockchain technology to build decentralized database systems that enhance data security and reliability. Using our blockchain database system, consumers own their data instead of relying on a centralized service provider for safety.

We are experts in developing blockchain-based database systems, which are ideal for digital enterprise applications. Our solution is based on a blockchain database scheme and has all the features of a Blockchain database that ensure the security and transparency of data without compromising on performance.


In recent years, automation and artificial intelligence (AI) have changed the way businesses operate. Essentially, the automation of a process means the act of automating a computer program to perform a task more efficiently. It is a process that enables the application of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science in various stages of business operations at various levels (at all enterprise levels).

Divum has engineered automated solutions that take advantage of data and use it to generate faster decisions and improve customer experience. Our solutions are deployed across multiple industries. Our experts can develop and execute your automation strategies using innovative technology and proven processes.

- Machine Learning powered solution development & ML support across data pre-processing, model training & tuning, orchestration, and model deployment (MLOps) at scale:

Machine learning plays a significant role in digitally transforming businesses by enabling them to adapt to fast-changing consumer demands. We help clients develop actionable insights from their data and deliver them at scale with speed and accuracy. We integrate machine learning into your business processes with a suite of enterprise-grade machine learning tools powered by advanced AI techniques.

We use a range of techniques for various purposes, including fraud prevention, credit risk detection, product recommendation engines, compliance monitoring, and threat detection. Our machine learning experts can help you develop and deploy machine learning models using the field's most advanced methods and tools. We have a faculty of Data Scientists who can create models that predict results from data, offering you opportunities for cost-effective gains in productivity, profitability, customer satisfaction, and market share.

- AI-powered intelligent automation:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) enables businesses to automate processes and tasks by using machine learning and other automated systems. It enables organizations to execute “Intelligent Automation” that enhances their business processes with an automated workflow. We at Divum offer you a seamless AI-powered automation solution that increases your organization's performance and efficiency while lowering the costs associated with manual operations.

We have a team of experts who can guide you through every step of implementing intelligent automation solutions. We are developing powerful AI-powered intelligent automation software solutions based on neural networks and genetic algorithms that integrate seamlessly with your existing IT systems. Our artificial intelligence and machine learning expertise can help you identify critical issues and opportunities by analyzing customer trends and behavior.

- Intelligent Enterprise Agents:

Co-created by our experts and teams, we offer a set of intelligent agents for organizations to create an automated workflow in real-time. Our intelligent enterprise agents are powered through our proprietary artificial intelligence engine, which is developed and integrated into cloud services. The tool uses the most innovative machine learning techniques, such as genetic algorithms and artificial neural networks (ANN), to automate business processes like routing calls, scheduling appointments, and handling transactions.

These features can be used by businesses large and small to revolutionize the way they perform business processes. We create powerful enterprise intelligent agents that bring digital excellence to your business. These advanced virtual assistants can support multiple business processes, including customer service, customer relationship management, Salesforce automation, and the supply chain.

- AI-powered Data Analytics at scale:

The challenge of big data has led many companies to look for methods and tools to analyze data that can be used across industries, industries, and departments. Divum develops machine learning models that provide actionable insights from data. We use advanced business intelligence and statistical analysis techniques to help businesses make faster market and operation decisions.

Divum builds large-scale AI-powered data analytics solutions using deep learning algorithms to develop a robust machine learning model for information extraction from unstructured text data.

- Enterprise Workflow Automation:

Enterprise Workflow Automation is a set of technologies and approaches used to automate business processes and tasks at scale. We provide you with technology that manages and automates steps in your business processes, for instance, identifying, analyzing, and predicting risks or opportunities for enterprises. The customers that we serve include:

  • Banks.

  • Insurance companies such as Allianz SE.

  • Utility companies such as United Power Corporation Limited (UPC).

  • Financial institutions such as Citibank NA.

We create enterprise workflow automation solutions backed by intelligent agents, process orchestration, and full automation, with the ability to integrate key business processes and deliver maximum business value.

- Blockchain-based solutions using AI and Automation:

Businesses rely on their entire supply chain to deliver a product or perform a service, from the origin of raw materials to the sale of the finished product. We use Blockchain technology and our proprietary cloud services to create customized smart contracts to address this issue.

We make use of AI and cognitive technologies such as natural language processing (NLP), logical reasoning (LR), and deep learning algorithms to create “Smart Contracts” that are seamlessly integrated with business processes, including finance, banking, insurance, logistics processes, and sales orders. We can help you develop a powerful Blockchain-based platform using AI and automation to build a set of next-generation application services that can provide enterprise-grade security and performance.

- Info security tech implementation support:

Blockchain, AI, and automation are immutable technologies that cannot be tampered with or changed. There are still risk-prone environments that are constantly at risk of different cyber threats. We need to assess the security risks and challenges a business faces to design efficient security solutions. Our Info Security tech implementation team helps you implement technology solutions that can protect your data and information securely.

Are you prepared for the radical digital disruption we bring to your company?

We at Divum take pride in delivering the most value-added solutions with a core focus on R&D and innovation. Be it enterprise intelligent agents, Blockchain-based solutions, scalable data analytics, or information security tech implementation support, we have developed a wide range of scalable solutions that are cutting-edge AI and automation technologies. Our services are constantly geared at expanding business operations and maximizing return on investment.

So, get in touch with our team if you are keen on modernizing your business through AI and other automation tools. You don’t just get digital products and services – you get digitally inspired ones to meet the demands of your digital world.