Divum E-Commerce Engine

Divum E-Commerce Engine

Divum e-Commerce Engine: Terra an enterprise-class commerce platform Divum e-Commerce Engine is powerful, scalable, and integrated with all major third-party retail point of sale systems.

Available as a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform to retailers and distributors worldwide, Divum e-Commerce Engine is built on the latest technological innovations. As the global standard for commerce platforms, Divum has a more than a 25-year track record of innovation.

Divum's innovative platform provides all the features that retailers and distributors need, including integration with your existing POS, multiple payment processing methods, and extensive order management features. Divum's platform has been designed with the needs of retailers and distributors in mind, yet is powerful enough to support business growth and expansion.

What is Divum e-Commerce Engine?

Divum e-Commerce Engine is an enterprise-class, scalable, and integrated Open Source commerce platform. It is built on a robust and reliable framework for e-commerce, including advanced multi-currency support and APIs, designed to streamline operations for retailers and distributors worldwide.

The platform has been customized for the needs of retailers worldwide by Divum's team of international developers who are passionate about commerce solutions and providing top-tier support. Divum e-Commerce Engine is used by thousands of retailers around the world to power their businesses with a reliable, scalable, and secure discount eCommerce solution that can be managed 24/7 from any location, including native integrations with industry-leading POS systems such as Shopify, & Magento.

Unique Selling Propositions of Divum e-Commerce Engine:

  1. Multiple payment processing methods

  2. The Divum e-Commerce Engine can accept any of the major credit card processors worldwide: Octopus, CyberSource, OptionOne, or Worldpay. This is done by integrating directly with the POS system, or by using a service like Stripe.

  3. Professional Order Management Features

  4. Divum's e-Commerce Engine has built-in order management features that enable retailers to manage their orders from anywhere in real-time and on their terms.

  5. Multiple currency support

  6. This allows a retailer to select any of the five global currencies supported by major credit card processors and be paid in that currency at transaction settlement– allowing retailers to create truly global businesses.

  7. Integrated with all major POS systems

  8. The Divum e-Commerce Engine is integrated directly with the world's POS systems, so retailers don't need to worry about additional investments in software to enable their retail businesses.

  9. Allows retailers to easily add/remove staff members and departments

  10. Divum's e-Commerce Engine allows retailers to easily add/remove staff members and departments as they grow and expand. Divum's platform is ready for global business expansion.

How does Divum e-Commerce Engine help?

Divum e-Commerce Engine is easy to use and can be managed 24/7 from any location using a web browser. The automated features will allow you to set up new products, categories, and other elements with ease. Divum e-Commerce Engine has an intuitive interface that makes the management of your business quick and easy.

Features of Divum E-Commerce Engine

  1. Extensive API Support

    The Divum e-Commerce Engine has extensive API support, allowing retailers to integrate with any third-party solution, including payment processing platforms and shipping providers.

  2. Mobile Payment Solutions

    Divum provides powerful mobile-payment solutions that allow retailers to accept payments on the go via smartphones or tablets, while also providing simple customer checkout solutions as customers browse your online store from their computer or mobile device.

  3. Extensive Reporting and Analytics

    The Divum e-Commerce Engine includes advanced reporting and analytics tools, including top-performing products, sales by month and quarter, and profit reports by products and categories. This enables retailers to quickly identify the key areas of their business that need to be improved, allowing them to make quick decisions about product pricing and promotions.

  4. Integrated inventory management for retailers

    The Divum e-Commerce Engine is integrated with a multi-channel and multi-inventory system designed specifically for retail businesses. It can track inventory from any full-featured POS system or website with built-in integration processes, such as Magento or Shopify. It also enables retailers to integrate with leading social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube to promote their products and business.

  5. Designed for the needs of retailers worldwide

    Divum's e-Commerce Engine is designed for the needs of retailers around the world, providing merchants with a complete solution that can be used from anywhere in the world. The Divum e-Commerce Engine includes extensive customer support including 24/7 email, phone, and live chat support for retailers.

  6. Accessible from anywhere in the world

    Divum's platform can be accessed from anywhere in the world, allowing retail businesses to work anytime and from anywhere, on their schedule. With features such as multiple payment processing options, agile reporting and analytics tools, powerful APIs, and multi-currency support; the Divum e-Commerce Engine is designed to grow with retailers' needs as they expand their businesses around the globe.

Benefits of Choosing Divum e-Commerce Engine:

  1. High Security:

    The Divum e-Commerce Engine has been built with security in mind. Our solution is PCI Level 1 Compliant, built on a solid framework (CodeIgniter) which includes the latest security standards and protocols. PCI compliance means that our platform is secure, so merchants do not need to worry about credit card or identity theft of their customers' information.

  2. Highly Scalable:

    Our e-Commerce Engine is based on the same code that many banks and large companies use worldwide. The Datum Platform can be used by all types of retailers, from small business owners to large corporations with millions of dollars in annual revenue..

  3. 24/7 Support:

    Divum's e-Commerce Engine has 24/7 support from our team of certified developers in the USA and Europe, ready to answer questions quickly.

  4. Native Integration:

    The Divum e-Commerce Engine is built to integrate directly with POS systems, providing a smooth experience that is not only easy to use but also helps to ensure secure and reliable transaction processing at any time and anywhere. This ensures that your business is fully operational as soon as it launches.

  5. A Responsive, Scalable Platform:

    The Divum e-Commerce Engine has been built by one of the leaders in the world of e-Commerce and is 100% responsive, so retailers can access their store from any device or browser. Our product was built for future growth, so you can add new departments or employees as you grow.

  6. Scalable and Powerful:

    The Divum e-Commerce Engine is designed to grow with your business needs and different channels of expansion. The platform is fully scalable with a pre-integrated service starting at $695/month (Business Edition).

  7. Integrated with the World's Leading POS Systems:

    The Divum e-Commerce Engine is integrated with the world's leading POS systems, so retailers do not need to worry about additional investments in software to enable their retail businesses.

  8. Multi-Currency Support:

    The Divum e-Commerce Engine supports multiple currencies, so retailers can accept payments on the go and provide easy customer checkout solutions as customers browse your online store from their computer or mobile device.


The Divum e-Commerce Engine gives retailers the freedom to run their business from anywhere, at any time, providing scalable and secure solutions that enable their retail business. It is a powerful solution for merchants to run online stores from anywhere in the world, at any time. Built on one of the leading e-Commerce platforms worldwide, Divum is designed for future growth. This platform offers many benefits for businesses including 24/7 customer support and easy integration with POS systems. The platform uses the latest security standards, eliminating the need to worry about identity theft or credit card and other types of fraud. Your business can be secured on all levels, including merchant services and payment processing.


Question 1. What types of retailers can use the Divum e-Commerce Engine?

Answer: All retail types can use our e-Commerce Engine. We cater to both small business owners and large corporations.

Question 2. What are the benefits of using an eCommerce platform?

Answer: Using Divum's e-Commerce Engine allows you to accept payments on the go and gives your customers an easier checkout solution when they browse your online store from their computer or mobile device. You also have built-in 24/7 support and customer service, so you can get help anytime anywhere in the world.

Question 3. Can I integrate my store with Divum's e-Commerce Engine platform?

Answer: Yes, we offer easy integration for all front-end Shopify and Bigcommerce stores through our Standalone IDE.

Question 4. What is the system used for payment processing?

Answer: You can choose from multiple payment processors to process your payments, such as PayPal, Magento Payflow Pro, Flexpay, and others. We also offer free merchant accounts for integrations with other payment systems such as Authorize.