Enabling Product Development and Scale-Up Journey Of 10+ Unicorns in India

Startups are all about speed, and today’s Unicorns were once garage upstarts. Startups gain maximum competence and advantage by going to market fast; their disruptive capabilities may be outwitted by someone else if they lack speed in executing their vision. At Divum, we are proud to have worked with 10-plus unicorns in the making to help them with their GTM and NPD. Read on to know how we did it.

CIAM Integration – Backend Java Development for Asia’s first neobank

This company is transforming the way payments are made. It specializes in offering an Omni stack to financial institutions for debit, credit, prepaid cards, loans, authentication, and Fraud and Risk Management services.

Divum implemented an authentication system (OAuth) that helped the client integrate Sodexo and its customer banking platform. This was the First NEO banking platform that integrated Sodexo customer identity access management (which could be accessed in different countries all over the world) with a large banking platform.

Social Networking Platform for a leading Indian social media platform

Our client has emerged as a prominent Indian social chat and networking platform that has a massive user base. Divum built the iOS solution that allowed celebrities on The platform to engage with their fans and followers. It was a challenging project as the iOS product had to be launched in a short span of time ahead of the pre-scheduled media launch featuring top celebrities. The Divum team not only managed to deliver and launch the product on time but also undertook further roadmap development enabling subsequent releases of the iOS product into the market.

Payment Gateway Implementation for Feature phones

During the early days of application development when feature phones used to be popular, the platform built on J2ME was facing challenges related to integrating the Payment Gateway in the apps. Divum resolved the problem by creating a custom internal library that enabled the implementation of the payment options on the feature phone apps. The custom library that Divum developed for the J2ME platform was then implemented successfully by the platform.

PWA Development and Integration for the Grocery eCommerce platform

For the largest online grocery platform in India, Divum undertook a project which was among the first few PWA implementations in the country. After Google’s release of Progressive Web App, the marketplace aimed to implement PWA for its mobile site. Divum was recommended by Google as the preferred partner to build the PWA for the platform. After the implementation, the eCommerce platform witnessed a surge in conversions (order placements) on their mobile app

Cashless Wallet System for Fastest Growing Digital Trucking Platform

We were roped in as a technology partner for one of India’s fastest-growing digital trucking platforms, and the requirement was a cashless wallet system for the logistics operations platform. Divum undertook this prestigious project, and the product was built on the Android platform, enabling truck drivers to buy fuel or manage other expenses during their trips in a completely cashless manner. This also ensured that there were no risks of cash handling or pilferage during the long transits. We introduced the initial MVP version of the app within an aggressive timeline of 10 days.

The product met with great success and emerged as a strong revenue source in just 2 months after the launch of the first MVP in the market. Subsequently, the Divum team worked on product development for close to 1 year, and added other add-on features to the cashless wallet solution and also introduced user-centric engagement features alongside maintenance of the product.

Payment Gateway Implementation for India's first ticketing aggregator platform

In the era of feature phones, application development was in its early days and built on the J2ME framework, our client faced challenges in integrating Payment Gateway in the Apps.

Divum built the first OAuth-based Symbian payment gateway. The team created a custom internal library that facilitated the implementation of payment features on feature phone apps. This solution was implemented by the online ticketing aggregator platform successfully.

India’s largest hotel & air aggregator - Online Travel booking solution

We were tasked with overcoming the challenge of building and launching a new native version of the MMT app on Android and iOS and also do a hot swap between the old app and the new version built by us. Divum team used the stage gate and NPD process to make this happen within the strict timelines given by the client.

An on-demand multi-service platform and digital payment technology group

This Indian unicorn offers on-demand multi-service and digital payment platform solutions. We designed a Super App that facilitated a multi-service ecosystem model that gave the users access to a diversity of services from a single Super App. Divum team supported their ongoing platform development and new product development initiatives as well by working as an extended design and engineering team.

Content Creator platform

We built a mobile product for the world's first screen-zero video hosting platform, allowing content creators to create live video content, polls, quiz viewers, and converse with them among other engagement-rich features. We engineered a robust information architecture base, in addition to a high-performing backend framework, to make the app experience truly immersive.

Automated data-driven content strategy

We collaborated with an Indian software unicorn to strengthen and automate their content publishing strategy. To promote their event-driven content, we tracked trending events on various social platforms globally based on which their content publishing system publishes the relevant content. This sparked engagement and brand recognition.

Making Smart TVs smarter

Finding your fav regional shows will get a whole lot easier, thanks to Divum. We’re building a consumer-facing, personalized content browsing platform on Tizen OS for Samsung Smart TVs. At Divum we build world-class new products and apps every day.

‘Big Data’ Big Player in the Sports Industry

Big data is a game-changer for the sports Industry. We designed a sports news and statistics aggregator platform for the US market. Our team managed the integration of numerous score feeds from NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, and news feed platforms, which feed data into the application in real time across multiple sports.

Online marketplace & advertising platform

As India’s online marketplace and classified advertising platform, there are listings in over 1000 cities. The categories include mobile phones, household goods, cars, real estate, jobs, services, and education. The marketplace helps users to sell, buy, rent, or discover anything across India.


A digital transformation is no longer an option. You need cutting-edge tech to support your vision and deliver the agile, accurate, and helpful services that your customers seek. As highlighted by our work for the ten unicorns mentioned above, and hundreds of other clients, team Divum is the best choice for your organization to undertake a quick and sustainable tech makeover. Go ahead and explore the power of innovation in tech with Divum today!