QA Automation for a Banking Conglomerate

Indian commercial bank, a pioneer in the banking sector and one of the leading private banks in India, has always been at the forefront of innovations. Divum was tasked with automating the testing of Bank's mission-critical mobile apps within an established framework.

The developed automated testing suite covered critical tests around UI checks across devices, functional tests, and performance & upgrades testing. Test Automation software (consisting of 500+ test scripts) was written, developed, and integrated with Amazon Device Farm.

The team worked closely with the product team and QA to meet all requirements while adhering to quality standards. The software is developed using the Calabash Interface framework and hosted on the AWS Cloud platform, enabling us to offer highly available, resilient, and dependable services.

During testing, automation engineers collaborated with the development team, Business Analyst, Product head, and QA to outline the necessary test cases for automation and gain an in-depth understanding of their requirements. This was accomplished through the automation of UI checks across devices and functional tests in an effort to improve service delivery times, quality, and customer satisfaction.

Over the course of four months, we developed a test script that met the needs of the Bank. The testing suite was comprehensive, covering all the bases like cross-platform UI compatibility, functionality, performance, and upgrades. The built-in automated test suite is integrated with AWS Device Farm.

Here are the features of the software that was tested using automated test scripts for banking Conglomerate:

  • Recharge & Bill Payments

    Recharge & bill payment sections allow users to do mobile/DTH/Fastag recharges and pay a wide variety of bills, including Mobile, Electricity, Water, Gas, etc.
  • Loans

    The loans module allows users to manage all their loan accounts, repay loan installments, apply for loans, and avail of loans instantly.
  • Account Services

    The account services menu in the sidebar allows users to manage features linked to user account like Transaction limits, PIN, VPA, Biometric Login, Profile, Email IDs, Nominee details, ON/ OFF/Block/Unblock debit cards, etc.
  • Service Requests

    Users can make service requests like cheques Book, submission of 15G/H, Download TDS certificates, etc.
  • Merchant Services

    The new merchant, services section allows users to make Cab, Bus, Flights & Hotel Bookings.
  • Help and Support

    The help & support module, helps users to get clarifications & raise tickets for all the services available throughout the app. The core value proposition was to test software & ensure core / mission-critical app features are efficient and meet customer expectations.