Divum Space - July 2023

Greetings and welcome to this edition of Divum Space. We're embarking on a new journey, one that illuminates the fascinating realm of Generative AI (GenAI), presenting insights, updates, and innovations for businesses across both enterprise and startup landscapes.

Revisiting Our Legacy: The Divum Genesis and Evolution

Divum, since its inception in 2008, has been at the forefront of capitalizing on technological disruptions. Our foray into the smartphone and app ecosystem spurred the creation of hundreds of Mobile First products and digital transformations. Today, the advent of GenAI marks another significant milestone. Through our Intelligent Product Engineering (IPE) and AgileAI Approach, we are steering our clients to integrate AI into their products and services seamlessly.

GenAI for Startups: Seizing the AI Advantage

  • Leveraging Foundational Models: We are enabling startups to utilize well-trained models from platforms like OpenAI APIs, Amazon Bedrock, and Google’s Vertex AI, rather than building models from scratch, thereby expediting AI integration into products.
  • The Power of AI Tooling: Tools such as Langchain, Fixie, Llama Index, and Promptable aid startups in fine-tuning their applications and building unique propositions beyond the capabilities of the foundational models.
  • Reimagining User Experience: GenAI offers immense opportunities to revamp product experiences - AI-powered semantic comprehension for superior search and discovery experiences, multimodal AI products for video-driven platforms, synthetic data generation, and AI-driven design for gaming experiences are just the tip of the iceberg.

GenAI for Enterprises: Unleashing the Power of Data and Automation

  • Maximizing the Impact of Proprietary Data: Enterprises can gain a sustainable advantage by integrating GenAI with their proprietary data and expertise, leading to sophisticated AI applications tailored to their unique business needs.
  • Refining LLM Outputs with Prompt Engineering and Embeddings: We guide enterprises in refining their LLM context and setting up an Evals LLM to evaluate their AI models, ensuring their responses align with expert opinions.
  • Safeguarding LLM from Malicious Prompts: Our expertise in fine-tuning models with adversarial examples and prompt engineering helps enterprises safeguard their LLM from misguided prompts, prompt hacking, and false information.
  • Leveraging Advanced AI Infrastructure: Enterprises can benefit from the proprietary Foundational Models, Orchestration Tools, MLOps tools, and Private Cloud Infrastructure offered by platforms such as Amazon’s Bedrock, Microsoft’s Turing, and Google’s Vertex AI.

The AgileAI Approach: A Game Changer in Our GenAI Journey

At the heart of our GenAI initiatives is our AgileAI Approach, a proven method that integrates GenAI into our software development and product engineering processes. We see GenAI as an essential MVP consideration for startups and enterprises alike, shaping a future where AI is not just a tool, but an active partner in progress.

As we journey into the transformative world of GenAI, we look forward to empowering you with the power of AI to redefine your business horizons. Join us in our upcoming newsletters, where we unravel the dynamic facets of GenAI and its resounding impact across industries.

Reach me at muthanna@divum.in.