Super App for Airports

For one of the leading international airport management enterprises, we developed a passenger-facing digital platform.

Wherein, the platform enabled passengers to plan/manage their travel, shopping/order meals at the airport (omnichannel commerce experience was built), book Airport facility services (parking facility, concierge services) cabs and loyalty management, making it the widely chosen travel companion app. As part of the platform, Android and iOS apps were provided for passengers and a web based Admin/Content Management system was built for Airport teams, Airlines, Retailers at the Airport.

We augmented the capabilities of this platform with a beacon based indoor navigation solution to enable passengers to find directions within the Airport..

The implementation cycle was smooth due to our dedicated design and engineering teams that launched the MVP version of the platform and followed by it a production scale platform within a short time period. We assisted our clients in transforming their passengers’ travel experiences by making them more informative, contextual, engaging and interactive and delivering a greater return on investment.

The passenger application has the following features:

  • Travel assistance
  • Contactless e-boarding
  • Flight tracking
  • Airport security congestion tracking
  • Gate status
  • Baggage tracking
  • Seamless experience at any International Airports
  • Access the airport’s free high-speed Wi-Fi securely
  • Get important air travel details
  • Reliable information and real-time updates
  • Exclusive duty-free offers
  • Save on orders at airport restaurants and shops
  • Navigate easily with our airport terminal maps

Overall, the platform was much appreciated for its reliable information and real-time updates related to flight status, finding exclusive duty-free offers, ability to pre-order at airport restaurants and shops, navigating easily with the airport terminal maps, and book travel services conveniently through the app without running around in the Airport.