IoT-based Banking Alerts

Divum team has built a solution for one of the largest Banks, HDFC, to offer priority banking notifications to their premium# banking customers via a custom IoT-based device (which resembles a cube paperweight).

When an amount is credited/debited from the customer’s account(s), a green/red indicator will glow on the device, immediately indicating the transaction to the customer. (#Premium customers typically have multiple accounts and carry out multiple critical banking transactions)

This would help them make informed decisions and stay ahead of the curve.

Right digital infrastructure is critical to a bank's success. Without it, any digital innovation is futile. The bank's entire digital ecosystem needs to be set up as a modular and varied platform. Each component performs an expected function and contributes to the end user's overall experience.

Divum assisted the bank in gaining a competitive advantage by providing them with an IoT-based solution that could be immediately deployed. We used cloud services like AWS IoT, AWS lambda & Python backend along with microprocessors like ESP32 & Raspberry Pi to build this solution.

Implementing IoT-based solutions needs to be layered in the right manner. To get things right, we have to take into account each and everything with a complete system view - we call this the “total IoT experience.” A holistic approach can help us establish a platform for innovation, where each piece of technology works together as a cohesive unit to deliver integrated value.