5 Reasons to Join Divum and Skyrocket your Career.

Divum provides technology solutions to help businesses to innovate, scale and transform. We have been a pioneer in transformational technologies since 2008.

The Republic of Divum, as we collectively call our team, is a diverse community of over 300 members from 50+ countries. People who join Divum pursue not just their career, but ambitions too.

Join us in shaping the future of Divum with some of the most accomplished individuals in the industry at its helm. Let's give you more reasons to join us and understand why Glassdoor ranks us as the firm with the finest work-life balance and the friendliest atmosphere.

Why should you join Divum?

1. Growth is guaranteed

When you join Divum, you'll be given room to grow professionally. Over the past four years, X% more senior developers have joined our team. An average tenure of an employee at Divum has been X years, which is at par with industry standards clearly signifying the scope of career advancement offered at Divum. Joining Divum is a long-term commitment, and our culture is built to last, comprising practices that strive to help you to do better than yesterday. You'll have the freedom to develop your skills and conquer your weaknesses at your own pace.

We encourage growth initiatives such as design sprints, hackathons, and interactive workshops, to enable the Republic of Divum to expand their knowledge base beyond their current skill sets by learning about new technologies such as DevOps, Pipelines for continued integration and processes in the workplace. We also offer constructive, engaging leadership training for senior management to expand their knowledge across different sectors so that the team stays ahead of the curve.

2. Creativity matters

We focus on fostering a positive work environment. Our workspace is thoughtfully designed with an aim to encourage the members of our Republic to interact, engage with one another throughout the day.

At Divum, creative thinking is encouraged. Creativity can be of any kind, it is essential to craft newer ideas, cultivate different approaches to problem-solving and to write elegant code. We are here to champion blue-sky thinking no matter what your role.

We've collaborated with some of the world’s leading brands to power innovative solutions, and we'd want your input to sustain this momentum. We provide you with opportunities for advancement, and we count on you to provide input and help Divum flourish. At Divum, you are free to forge your own way. We value novel ideas and approaches. Have fun making an impression without worrying about falling short.

3. Job security

We provide job security because we do not mindlessly pursue targets or other business indicators that others use to decide whether or not your position is secure. Your career is secure so long as you show results.

You have the opportunity to meet brilliant minds from around the world, to learn from each other, and to grow together. We are a company where everyone cares about one another and gets along well.

If you have a strong drive to learn new things and strive for excellence, we invite you to put forth and grow your skills at Divum. We will help you grow and develop by offering professional training courses, workshops, and other social initiatives aimed at skill development.

4. Diverse and eclectic team

A varied mix of people from many backgrounds and nationalities work together to help us push the envelope. We discover, share, and create together. We grow professionally, personally, and socially with our global peers. If you want to improve your abilities, work in a meaningful environment, explore your talents, and contribute to the growth of the organization, we invite you to join our team.

4. Get an itinerary from door-to-door:

As a customer, you just need to enter your destination and Divum will do the rest by telling you the cost of your tickets and the duration you can travel in.

We have created an environment which drives people to build a long term association, which is displayed in our high retention rate of 66%. Our goal is to make you feel appreciated and acknowledged for your contributions. When employees are satisfied with their work, profits follow, this has been our learning throughout the years.

5. You’ll Feel Pride In Your Work

“Ambitious and interested in developing hands-on skills while working on mission-critical projects for large enterprises? Then Divum is the right destination for you. We offer our teams a balanced mix of freedom and mentorship at work with scope to expand their skill set while delivering solutions for several successful unicorns. As the company grows you are guaranteed to feel a sense of shared pride because you helped build the change” xx, Engineering Manager at Divum.

Some of the world’s most renowned brands are our patrons and clients, and we work with the world's top companies with the most cutting-edge technologies and creative solutions.

Our culture is very dynamic, a sense of community is in place that guarantees new employees feel like they belong from Day One. We have monthly meetings to discuss the company's progress and growth potential, as well as to explore opportunities for organizational improvement and expansion. There is an open-door policy so that you can feel comfortable discussing concerns with all members of management.

People are valued, and a job well done is recognized and rewarded. We want individuals who want to work at a place where they can make a difference, face challenges, and grow professionally, personally, and socially with peers from across the world. We welcome you to join our dedicated team, tackle genuine problems, and have a positive impact on the world.

Besides this, you get the following perks working at Divum.

1. You can bring your pet to the office.

2. As part of our policy, you receive health insurance.

3. We are an equal opportunity employer without any restrictions imposed on sex, race, or religion.

4. Enjoy some downtime in our cafe, library, and game room.

5. We offer training courses, workshops, and other social initiatives that help develop your skills by allowing you to excel at work.

We are looking for people who want to make a difference. With 14 years of industry experience, we have extensive knowledge about the market and know what people expect from a company. We encourage you to make a difference, challenge yourself, and grow professionally, personally, and socially with your peers worldwide. You will be mentored by some of the best resources in the industry on ways to scale your career swiftly.

Join us as we take Divum to the next level!