Cracking The Product Innovation Code Through NPD and Modernization

Digital Transformation Services:

Have you noticed how the most successful brands always seem to be abreast of the trends and how quickly they incorporate the same into their marketing strategy to stay relevant? That, or how the most downloaded apps are constantly getting updated with new and better features. Just how crucial do you think it is? Because a company is more likely to succeed if its leaders respond quickly to shifts in the market, and customer demands through quick decision-making to enhance their products effectively.

To successfully overhaul the current product development methodology and ensure that businesses have a competitive advantage in the market, digital transformation is the need of the hour. As a result, organizations require software and technology to support their operations.

The essence of a business is based on two things: Product and Services. The very nature of Digital Transformation dictates that the company must be able to deliver these services with ease. However, how does one go about achieving this? Optimizing processes through automation and process simplification would only bring about efficiency but not necessarily proficiency or excellence.

That’s where NPD plays a major role. But first, let’s understand what exactly the term entails.

NPD (New Product Development) refers to the whole process of introducing innovative products into the market for the first time. The innovative product may be a revised version of an existing product or an entirely new product. Businesses are increasingly opting for NPD to carve out a competitive edge to then translate it into a winning strategy.

Divum is revolutionizing the approach towards offering NPD services across the globe. Several brands from diverse industries have implemented Divum's modern and innovative concept of modernization in their most important technical processes. The key to a successful outcome is maximizing output with minimum input. This can only be achieved if a heavily-automated process is developed to ensure information efficiency and accuracy.


Divum's Modernization and New Product development services are all customized according to the client's needs. The technological disruption has brought about a rapid change in the way companies develop products. We've seen tons of digital revolutions that have changed the way companies interact and do business. The Digital Transformation will bring about more advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and the Internet of Things(IoT), resulting in a revolutionary shift in how businesses operate.

Businesses are trying to stay ahead of the curve and deliver new value to their customers while retaining their competitive advantage. This can only be achieved if they have advanced technology platforms that allow them to optimize their processes with minimal input.

We at Divum are creating and implementing new product roadmaps in a team that has technical expertise and communication skills This process begins by identifying the needs of the business, keeping in mind the customer who is primarily served by this product. Then, leading the development of a New Product from design through testing to execution with great precision and adherence to defined standards.

An analysis of current market trends and competition in a niche, the non-traditional product can be done to create new analytical reports for competitive analysis and calculate market share for comparison purposes. Let's dive into the category of services that comes under modernization & NPD:

1.Solution/Tech Architecture Design for high scalability & enterprise-grade security:

While creating the technology architecture and infrastructure, we keep scalability and security in mind. This is a highly technical and important area of concern. Based on the client's requirement, we design a scalable platform that can be used to develop products.

We also ensure data security and safety by researching new frameworks that are constantly evolving with the trends in technology. Enterprises looking to expand their business often look for solutions in the IT industry. Through our services, we create technology platforms that can make these environments more efficient and secure than they currently are. We create technology solutions that are customized for the client's needs.

Divum focuses on solving real-time problems and optimizing existing processes. Enterprise-grade security is the absolute best way to ensure data security, but with its current infrastructure, companies can't use it effectively. Therefore, we design solutions that meet the requirements needed to overcome this. Our solutions can help companies leverage new technologies while also enhancing their existing infrastructure.

2. User Experience / UI Design with a focus on usability, intuitiveness, and rich experience for users:

When it comes to modern business, it is a must to have an outstanding UI Design that works towards the user's needs. With Divum's UX/UI services, we provide an exceptional design that is accessible and easy to use.

Our approach is broader than studying user behavior and understanding their perspective. We also focus on how to solve multiple use cases and determine what's best for the target audience. We create simple, clean, intuitive designs consistent with your brand and the company's mission statement. Our plans are easily accessible with excellent navigation flow throughout the product. Our User Experience Design ensures that users always know where they are and how they can easily accomplish their tasks. Our UI/UX designers have transformed many enterprises and helped them build strong products that meet their customers' needs.

3. New Product Development (NPD) & Modernization:

At this stage in the evolution of a company or expansion, product development becomes a critical factor in determining success. The product is developed, but how it is being used and the business strategies and plans are equally important. This can only be done with a well-developed software platform that is efficient and manages to deliver an amazing experience to clients.

The NPD revolves around creating new products for organizations, which takes time, research, and planning. We create products that are unique and have a specific set of features that can be customized according to your needs. Through our modernization strategy, we build new services that can be used in addition to your existing processes or products while also integrating seamlessly with them. We can also create products that improve your existing processes, such as a new method of calculating profits or sales growth. This makes your business profitable and efficient.

Our developers have extensive experience in software development, which means they will be able to deliver a high-quality product on time and within the given budget, you specify. We work quickly and efficiently to build highly complex software platforms with a focus on user interface design, features, and ease of use. Our developers' design working product prototypes that stay accurate in real-world use cases from the beginning of the project until completion.

4. Cloud/On-Premise Development & Migration Support:

We also provide Cloud and on-premise services to companies. These solutions are built in a cloud environment, which means you have greater infrastructure flexibility. This is important for constantly changing companies that need to manage their IT resources. This can be done through our managed Cloud Services Package (CSP), which provides sophisticated solutions for complex virtualization needs. Through CSP, we also manage all the necessary tools and services to ensure the smooth migration of your resources into the cloud environment. No matter your requirements, we can customize a solution that fits your budget and requirements.

We provide complete cloud development and migration services that are customized to each organization's needs. We manage cloud infrastructure for you so that you can focus on your business and your clients.

Everything needs to work well together, so we ensure our system delivers an excellent experience and works in harmony with other products in the network. This means services are important because they're responsible for maintaining your product and its efficiency. By providing migration support, we help companies stay on top of issues that may arise within their systems. Our support services help companies maintain a successful product, increasing sales and profitability.

5. Connected IoT-based Enterprise Solution development:

We develop IoT-based enterprise solutions that are designed and configured to meet your needs. We can build a customized solution that will seamlessly integrate with all other products in your network. This means that you get a well-developed product with a high level of stability.

Our services are designed to be scalable, which means they won't affect your business negatively when it grows or changes. The platform is also secure, so you don't have to worry about external threats affecting the system. Finally, it's always up-to-date with the latest technology trends, so you're using the most advanced tools available to improve efficiency and productivity within your organization.

    With our IoT solutions, you can:

  • Send and receive data in real-time

  • Control your entire network remotely

  • Monitor many thousands of data points at once

  • Track assets and systems anywhere, anytime

  • Save time and resources by working efficiently

  • We also provide additional features such as:

  • Flexible deployment options that best fit your needs

  • Integration with existing systems to ensure efficiency and harmony within your network

The IoT solutions we build are designed to save you time, money, and energy by allowing your teams to focus on building your business. We provide an exceptional product with excellent performance. Our dedicated platform servers can be scaled up or down as required to meet your needs. We also ensure our technology is easy to manage and integrate into other products in your network. This means that nothing will interfere with the smooth functioning of your business, which means your clients will have a great experience regardless of where they're using our software.

Our quality assurance (QA) department ensures that all of our code is written in a way that minimizes errors, improving efficiency and performance for all the code we perform on behalf of our clients.

How are we transforming enterprises with our MODERNIZATION & NEW PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT (NPD) Services?

Our dedication to modern technology is vital for developing new products for our clients ahead of the game. Our services deliver a high-quality product with excellent performance and stability. Our services also help increase productivity so that companies can better focus their resources on growing their business and creating value for their clients.

Our products are designed to save you time and money by minimizing errors, which means they work efficiently. Our dedicated platform servers can be scaled up or down as required to meet your needs. This ensures that nothing will interfere with the smooth functioning of your business, which means your clients will have a great experience regardless of where they're using our software.

Our systems are always up-to-date with the latest technology trends, so you're using the most advanced tools available to improve efficiency and productivity within your organization. Our quality assurance (QA) department ensures that all of our code is written in a way that minimizes errors, improving efficiency and performance for all the code we perform on behalf of our clients.


We at Divum have a strong and dedicated team of professionals with technical expertise and extensive experience in developing innovative solutions for our clients. Our solutions are highly functional, easy to use, and backed by an excellent level of support services and support. We also bring an affordable, cost-effective methodology for developing new and innovative products. Our MODERNIZATION & NEW PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT (NPD) Services have helped many of our clients successfully improve their sales and profitability through strategically built and marketed products.

We provide modern solutions that are customized to your current development needs and budget. Through the development of new and innovative products, our NPD Services have assisted a number of clients in increasing their sales and profitability. We deliver exceptional service within your comfort zone while maintaining a long-term relationship with each of our clients.