Building a digital platform for Entertainment & Media Company

Hiring a film crew can be a daunting task! We leveraged our technology expertise to ease the process with a few simple clicks. By engineering a global collaborative platform for media and entertainment houses, we digitalized the process of hiring highly qualified crew for shoots, registered and available globally. Our expert strategy team took an incremental approach to build this platform to add further features based on the response to ensure product optimization.

The customer specializes in film production and was looking to build a global collaborative platform for crew booking for shoots across any international locations.

Engineering is one of our core competencies. It’s not just about building a product that meets your needs but how these products are made available on various platforms in different countries with different legal restrictions and opportunities in different geographical regions such as Europe, Asia Pacific or Americas, etc.

Through the platform built by Divum, the customer was able to create a vast network of highly experienced and qualified crews across the globe, and with this they were able to set-up a crew at short notice for any film shoot in any international location. Also, the customer was able to carry out the entire project management and movie distribution/review across cross functional teams based in different countries through the same platform. Divum, as a technology house built this new product, we started with a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and then enhanced it further considering the response from the market.

Divum's integrated approach had an immediate impact on the team. They were able to involve global partners in the design of the platform, as opposed to relying on a small group of internal stakeholders. The platform is utilized effectively by the production teams.