Insurance Processing Platform

We infused automation in insurance operations and sped up the response time by 5x for a leading Insurance enterprise. Divum built a digital platform to automate the highly manual new customer onboarding operations of the enterprise.

We enabled faster customer onboarding, thus enabling a more rapid response time to customers. Unlike earlier, where the customer’s field executives had to physically submit the application & supporting documents to the nearest branch office for onboarding a customer, which is then forwarded to the insurance processing center resulting in a lengthy processing time.


The digital application had to be designed and engineered to meet the needs of a field executive who is always on the go meeting his customers. And hence, the application had to be mobile friendly. We decided to build the application as a responsive web application compliant to Google’s Progressive Web App requirements with offline caching capabilities, considering the internet may not always be available for the executive in the field.

The web app was built with React.js framework and the app was released to the market for beta testing after the backend server was integrated and all UAT feedback updates were addressed. After beta testing, the application was made live for all field executives across India. Post this, the customer onboarding time came down to 3 days from 15 days (which was the average time taken before this digital platform was implemented).

The field executives were provided with the app to ensure that it can facilitate the easy processing of customer applications. The solution ensured that the entire customer onboarding process could be finished in its entirety on a mobile device, with minimal effort from the user.

The app was designed to be event-driven, processing the application and real-time transactions with the insurance processing centers. After applying, the customer would receive an SMS acknowledgment message, including a unique alphanumeric code. This unique code needed to be shared with their insurance advisor at their next visit to help them process further.

The Divum team had worked on this project in close collaboration with the field executive, operation and IT teams of the Insurance enterprise.