On-Demand Professionals Network

Divum built a platform for an on-demand professional network that seamlessly enables businesses to manage applicants and other professionals in their hiring funnel. Further, help small, and big businesses manage their engagement requests (in this context, consultation requests, paid messages, surveys, and projects) to the point that they finalize the right set of professional(s) they'd like to work with for a particular request.

Divum designed a networking opportunity with industry leaders in relevant disciplines that can transform lives and aid businesses in pursuing qualified candidates. We created a network that facilitates on-demand connections between companies and professionals. We focused on essential features to maximize the platform's potential, including audio/video calls, a streamlined employment funnel, and more.

The story behind what we've built began with a simple question: Isn't it time we start breaking down the barriers preventing talented professionals from finding gainful employment? The answer is in the affirmative; it is indeed time.

A Forbes magazine article explains that many professionals are idle on the market and waiting for a call to action. For instance, hundreds of thousands of professionals have recently re-entered the workforce after raising children or taking care of elderly relatives in their homes.

The prospect of entering an office setting may be daunting for them. Some professionals worked part-time years ago, and the idea of a full-time job never materialized for them.

Divum's goal was to remove the barriers that prevent qualified professionals from finding gainful employment by putting on-demand business professionals in touch with one another.

Core features

Business Dashboard

The business dashboard is a user-friendly, centralized search center for all the information businesses need to run their operations. The dashboard allows companies to identify professionals in their area quickly.

Universal Chat

Universal chat is a feature that allows users to create an account and quickly find others who share their interests and expertise— experts in a variety of fields and professions. The universal chat feature provides a way for professionals to connect with potential employers in real-time upon request and helps eliminate many of the hassles that come with the job hunt.

Hiring Funnel

Platform’s employment funnel is a standardized, straightforward process that connects professionals with interested companies. Through the funnel, businesses can search through a filtered list of candidates and contact them accordingly based on the needs and budget they've outlined. In addition to the funnel, businesses have access to pre-arranged contracts and agreements, which allow more accurate communications between all parties involved in the hiring process.

Audio/Video Calls

Interactive audio and video calls enable professionals to interact with potential employers virtually – creating a more personal experience for both parties involved. These calls allow fast communication between employers and their preferred candidates, ultimately cutting advertising fees and overall hiring costs.


Platform’s Showcase section is designed to showcase professionals who are already established in their field and looking for work. This is accomplished by arranging a list of featured professionals by job type and location. Platform provides a way for potential employers to find out more information about the professionals they are interested in hiring and virtually check out the individuals they may be interested in working with.


Platform's contracts page is designed to simplify the process of negotiating a contract with applicants who have been invited to interview by an employer. The contracts page allows users to create professional agreements that outline the following: job responsibilities, compensation, benefits, dates of employment, etc. These core features were developed to support the platform's primary goal—to provide a solution for businesses looking to hire.