A confluence of Innovation and Technology

Divum Technologies is a new-age tech firm that is altering the status quo in the software industry through the introduction of groundbreaking new products. We are witnessing the first-ever deployment of a solution that has been adopted by a wide range of enterprises.

Our diverse team has hit key milestones and is looking forward to more achievements
as we stay determined to remain a key player in the rapidly expanding technology industry.

Let's review our achievements and implementations.

1. World’s first mobile application for Cricket

ESPN StarSports - Built one of the first Cricket Live Streaming apps on SmartPhones and

Feature Phones:
The 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup was the tenth edition of the tournament. India was the first nation to win the Cricket World Cup final on its home turf. During the same, Divum worked on India’s first live Cricket Streaming app on mobile phones. The team set up the CDN network along with Tata CDN and worked with BitGravity to complete the portable streaming piece. Elements like managing URL expiry Geo Tagging the feed to the boundaries of India were some of the great features implemented in 2011.

India’s first Cricket Live Streaming app developed for SmartPhones and Feature Phones. Our engineers also worked on CDN Networks, Live Streaming, and Mobile Feed Management. Divum Technologies’ first Cricket Streaming app was launched on the same day as India’s First World Cup win. The Cricket Streaming app is exclusive to India and works on smartphones.


  • First Cricket Live Streaming apps on SmartPhones and Feature Phones.
  • First iOS and Android apps on Cricket.
  • World’s first Portable Streaming over CDN Networks from the ground.
  • World’s first Geo Tagged Mobile Cricket Feeds in India with Real Time Segmentation

2. Built the world’s first RC car remotely controlled by a Mobile device for Nokia

Client - Nokia - Driverless RC Car
M2M - Machine2Machine implementation


We designed a custom WiFi-controlled RC control board, which fits into a live-size dune-buggy ATV and is controlled by a paired smartphone such as Symbian Nokia N8, BlackBerry, Android Phone & iPhone.

This was initially conceptualized and developed for a National level Nokia Marketing campaign in 2012, and the same was showcased in similar capabilities on the BlackBerry platform with RC cars at Startup Village, Cochin.

Engineers at Divum Technologies developed the software and hardware for controlling the RC car from mobile devices. We built it using our expertise in Android, Blackberry, and Symbian platforms. This driverless car transformed the transportation industry as we know it. This was a breakthrough for the entire transportation industry and is one of the best things to happen in recent times.


  • Designing and developing India's first Smart Phone application for driving a car, demonstrating the device-level capabilities of the Nokia Smart Phone.
  • The highly effective marketing campaign for Nokia

3. First 12 Windows Phone Apps launched in the Windows store were built by Divum for Microsoft

Implementations for Microsoft Lumia - Building of signature products for Microsoft platforms


Microsoft Lumia (previously the Nokia Lumia Series) was a range of mobile devices designed and marketed by Microsoft Mobile and previously by Nokia. Introduced in November 2011, the line resulted from a long-term partnership between Nokia and Microsoft. In 2012 when Microsoft launched their Nokia Lumia Phones and Windows Marketplace Store, out of 11 signature apps featured on the Windows Marketplace 8 were powered by Divum. The apps included MoneyControl, BookMyShow, IndiaToday, IBN Live, NDTV, AajTak, BigFlix, and Zomato. The apps offered platform-specific designs, OS-level integrations, and core device-specific SDKs for superior device engagement and experience. We also implemented the full feature set for the above apps to serve the Windows Phone platform.

We at Divum Technologies helped Microsoft create a new market for smartphones. The Windows Marketplace Store is where MSM can build partnerships with app developers and “create” their exclusive apps unavailable in Android or iOS app stores. The store was launched in the USA, Japan, and other countries in December 2011. The WP Store offers world-leading navigation tools, is faster, and offers more app discovery features than its competitors.

These apps' success helped increase the number of available applications by around 15 – 20% in 2012 compared to 2011.


  • Divum launched 8 out of 11 signature apps.
  • Created the first-ever Lumia Camera SDK Integrated app called Zoom in for Lumia devices, which used the 40-megapixel camera capabilities of Lumia smartphone
  • Other branded properties on the Windows store included:
  • MakeMyTrip, ClearTrip, Goibibo, TimesofIndia, Cafe Coffee Day, IXIGO, Health Kart+, Business Today, India Today, etc.

4. First OAuth-based Symbian payment gateway


During the early days of application development for feature phones built on J2ME, there were challenges in integrating Payment gateway in the apps.

The divum team created a custom internal library that enabled the implementation of payment features on feature phone apps.

This custom library developed by Divum for the J2ME platform was implemented for BookMyShow and PayTM applications.

This payment gateway technology innovation helped the payment industry to function better.


  • Availing of APIs provided by payment gateways like ICICI, Citibank, HSBC, HDFC, etc.
  • Implementation of OAuth-based Licensing model on Symbian Applications.
  • Bringing licensing models to feature phones.
  • First-ever implementation of a non-card-based in-app purchase mechanism for feature phones in India that was implemented with bank-level security and encryption.

5. Early Access Partner for TensorFlow, even before TensorFlow was launched in the market.
Terraa - ML-based Indent Prediction System

Problem Statement:

Terraa Farm Fresh is an end-to-end product that focuses on building a sustainable farm-to-fork business through the application of deep technology & go-to-market strategies. The requirement was to build an ML-based indent prediction system to avoid wastage and a proprietary route optimization last-mile algorithm.


To tackle these issues, we built an ML-based learning model to aid decisions with procurement and business strategies. The entire platform leveraged Google Cloud Platform & ML services such as TensorFlow, Data Studio, App Engine, Firebase, Datastore, and Big Query. We at Divum built the platform using open-source technologies and OpenCV libraries.


  • Building a marketplace infrastructure that helped manage the entire supply chain, from procuring vegetables to delivery and food management.
  • Achieving a significant reduction in wastage through highly reliable predictive models.
  • A proprietary route optimization algorithm was built for flexible last-mile deliveries for complex food parcel deliveries across Bangalore & Mumbai.
  • Helping terraa build one of India’s first Deep Learning-based business ventures attracted investments from investors, including Google Capital and others.

As per Google, "Divum is one of our top certified partner agencies that focuses on creating innovative solutions in the space of Design, Mobile, and Cloud. Besides catering to some of the largest global clients, they also build their own products, such as Terra."

In this video, hear our team talk about their journey, Terra.

As certified google developers, our engineers are often invited to speak and conduct workshops on various topics. Divum Engineers have also won various competitions.

6. Built and launched was one of the earliest enterprise-grade Blockchain implementations for decentralized inter-enterprise collaborations.


A brief note about the ⦃PARAM⦄ network SaaS Platform:

Param delivers a b2b commerce platform that powers new-age business collaborations to accelerate Accounts payable / Accounts receivable processes by providing 360-degree visibility across the order lifecycle.

⦃param⦄ is about automated information sharing between suppliers/customers and enterprises using encrypted technology. The application will be installed on an enterprise ERP environment and Vendor / Customer ERP system to enable seamless data exchange based on transactions recorded in either ERP system. This system utilizes ⦃param⦄ network smart contracts to automate the entire process.


  • Built, launched, and had a customer on-boarded till the pilot stage.
  • One of the earliest implementations of Blockchain in an enterprise environment.

7. Built one of the first live video streaming on mobile devices for IBN Live. Live streamed World Cup Cricket in 2011.
Network 18 TV products - Video Streaming Platform & Financial Market App


Today, Network 18 is one of India's largest media conglomerates, with various TV stations and digital properties. We began working with Network 18 in late 2010, when the Network 18 team was considering launching several of its channels on the mobile platform. The concept of Video Streaming and Live TV was just gearing up in the nation around 2010 on mobility. We worked very closely with various brand teams of Network 18 and got their marquee properties like Moneycontrol, IBN Live, and Cricket Next available to users on Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and Nokia feature phones.


  • We Designed and Developed one of the first Live Streaming apps on Google Play Store in India - IBN Live.
  • Design and Development of India’s First Financial Market Aggregator App -
  • All round development with a media conglomerate on multiple properties and multiple mobile platforms
  • We are elated to have contributed to some of the most significant projects in the technology industry.

8. We built one of the very early low code tools many years ago, even before low code / no code platforms came into the mainstream.


Divum's Low-code development product offers a simple way to create your own custom applications with minimal coding skills on any platform.

This is a drag-and-drop technology that enables you to build easily and quickly any type of application. With the support of the Divum Low-code Generator, you can rapidly develop software by dragging and dropping fields into predefined forms. Diva's proprietary technologies

  • UI Designer with layout builder and native widget sets
  • Business Logic Designer with an easy-to-use rules engine
  • Data Access Manager with a query generator for working with external data sources

Build development prototypes without coding - accelerate time to market by 30-40% or more by reducing costs, risks, and project durations.


  • Lowcost IT solutions for government agencies that were, in turn, utilized by other government agencies.
  • A high level of customization & personalization for end-users, especially for countries like India, which heavily relies on customized solutions & feature phone

9. Worked with the Angular team at Google to launch the world’s 5th web application built using the newly launched Angular 2 framework then.

First Five Angular 2 portals in the world

Shortlist.net is one of the first five sites in the world built with Angular 2 developed by Divum in close association with Google.

The platform is a California & Mumbai-based tech startup offering an employment platform that streamlines early to mid-level hiring through their data-driven talent screening product that automates applicant vetting using online assessments.

The Divum team built a complete end-to-end enterprise web application using Angular 2 in close collaboration with Google and Shortlist.

The Divum team was also in charge of all technical on-the-ground operations in India, including workshops, presentations, and training sessions.


  • Developed in close collaboration with Google
  • The largest Angular 2 launch event was ever conducted by Google at that point in time, with more than 400 participants.
  • Built and launched as part of a customer solution, extensively tested & mature technology.

10. FDA - Supported for comprehensive system testing across the entire software stack and data flow between hardware (medical grade smartwatch) and software with res complying with FDA compliance needs

FDA-compliant Remote Patient Monitoring Platform

Problem Statements - Need for comprehensive system testing across the entire software stack and data flow between hardware (medical grade smartwatch) and software with respect to complying with FDA compliance needs.

What did we do? - Carried out extensive system testing of the Patient app, Physician app, Admin app, backend systems that are part of the platform, and data flow from hardware.

How was it solved? - Worked closely with FDA compliance experts/auditors to understand the FDA requirements that are applicable to the platform being built. System testing focussed on ensuring the system is meeting all the compliance needs.

At Divum, we apply the latest technologies to help organizations solve complex business problems and integrate a variety of business processes. We see the role of technology as an augmenter, not a replacement, for skill and know-how. We believe in the following:
Galvanizing people around a common cause

  • Uniting partners to build and deliver great solutions
  • Using our expertise to drive successful outcomes and bring value through technology


  • Launched on time and within budget with a minimum of effort after decades of effort spent on the delivery of a platform that had no resources or expertise left to continue the project.
  • The project delivered was able to successfully transition from handcrafted, lengthy and elaborate tooling (that was not end-user facing at all) to a high-level, clean, elegant and simplistic user interface (that is end-user facing).

Divum works with global companies and organizations, including top Fortune 500 companies/ brands and SMEs across industries like Technology, Media, Pharma, Gaming, Manufacturing, Healthcare, and Defense.

11. PCI DSS - We implemented an information security standard for the OTA platform that handles branded credit cards for payments
Point-to-Point ML-based personalized travel planning and booking platform (Flights, Hotels, Cabs).

The Divum team was engaged to build the entire platform as well as handle Application and Cloud Infrastructure (GCP) management. The GCP Infrastructure management was handled by the Divum team 24/7 as this was a travel planning and booking platform.

In addition to a team of GCP engineers and architects for supporting the platform's infrastructure, the Divum team implemented processes/systems for automated monitoring, logging, and alerting.

Tech Stack: React Native, React JS, Python & PostgreSQL, GCP Cloud
PCI DSS(Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) implementation for safeguarding user data

Our engineers and architects worked with our clients to design and implement a robust payment processing solution. PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) implementation for safeguarding user data

Systems comprised of

  • Fraud detection and prevention systems: designed and built by Divum
  • Secured payment gateway: Designed and built by Divum
  • Advanced fraud prevention systems: Designed and built by Divum
  • Static code analysis tools
  • Graphical User Interface system: Design+Build by Divum Team.
  • Integration between automated processes, platforms/systems & backend systems via APIs.


  • Process & systems design for application, software and infrastructure management: Divum team worked with our clients to design and implement a robust payment processing solution.
  • PCI DSS Compliance:
    Divum team implemented processes/systems for automated monitoring, logging, and alerting.

12. NFT - Enabled gamers to win, buy, sell, and transfer NFT

The objective was to build an NFT marketplace that will cater to customers’ (IceSpice) group of gaming companies. The idea is to enable gamers on their platforms to win, buy, sell, and transfer NFT. Acquiring, buying, and selling NFTs is intended to be the developed part of the gaming experience.

Divum built the platform with the capabilities of:
- minting and buying of NFT
- the creation of user wallets
- transfer of NFT between the users, and
- validation of NFT and user info via the blockchain.

As part of roadmap development, the platform is being built with capabilities of NFT lending and interoperable wallet connectivity.


  • NFT marketplace that catered to customers’ (IceSpice) group of gaming companies.
  • User wallets
  • NFT minting, buying, and transferring between users

13. Watches - Enabled users to record and track all their sporting activities by connecting to different smart watches (Garmin, AmazeFit)

Problem Statements:

  • Lack of a digital social platform for all levels of fitness/sports enthusiasts
  • Need for a platform that focuses on all sports/outdoor activities rather than focusing on a single or few sports
  • Provide a platform for amateur sports persons to engage and gain recognition for their achievements
  • The platform for service providers offering expert services in the Sports domain, such as coaches, physiotherapists, nutritionists, and more

What did we do?
Designed and built the Android app, iOS app, and Backend systems that enabled users to record and track all their sporting activities by connecting to different smart watches (Garmin, AmazeFit) or manually recording the data into the app.

How was it solved?

  • Built a Social Media and Networking platform specifically designed for Sports/Fitness enthusiasts.
  • Ability to connect different smartwatches to the app and track their performance in the app.
  • Our engineers designed and built the system from scratch.

14. DocPanel - DICOM web viewer
HIPAA Compliant Marketplace for Radiologists

DocPanel is the world’s first on-demand, pay-as-you-go, contract-free healthcare service. It offers radiological reads, second opinions, diagnoses from high caliber subspecialty radiologists at prestigious academic hospitals in the United States.
Works as a marketplace business model (B2B & B2C) such that allows healthcare providers and patients a choice — and a voice — in sending, discovering, reading, and diagnosing complex clinical cases online.

DocPanel is a marketplace platform for Radiologists, Physicians, Imaging Centres, and Patients deployed for the US market. The complete solution is HIPAA compliant to adhere to medical standards.

The solution involves merging data from different State and National Databases of Doctors and working with DICOM Images (An imaging format for X-ray, CT scan, MRI, and more) with multi-tenant deploying the whole solution as SaaS for every hospital.

Our team was engaged in building and deploying a cloud-based DICOM viewer that allows medical professionals to view medical images (X-ray, CT scan, MRI, and more) in the Hospital’s network.

The system must adhere to HIPAA compliance as this will be part of a nationwide deployment. Tech Stack: ExpressJS,PHP (Laravel), NodeJs, ES6(Facebook style JavaScript), a AngularJS(AngularJS style JavaScript), SQL(MySQL), Linux

Based on client estimates, we estimate that in just six months of deployment (3 months of launch), there are approximately 1000 users for DocPanel. In addition to this total user base, approximately 200 active users per month need the service regularly, which accounts for 75% of the total activity in the platform.

According to survey results with doctors and imaging centers in Singapore who have used the DocPanel solution, those surveyed had positive feedback and expressed great interest in using next-generation cloud-based system.

Divum has transformed the healthcare industry by providing an affordable and effective one-stop healthcare solution.


  • Automatically capture medical images from all the devices
  • Facilitates collaborative workflows between physicians, imaging/healthcare assistants, and medical assistants and medical assistants
  • Manage connections between all devices on the network
  • Schedule appointments and reminders for scattered facilities to assist in booking appointments across multiple locations.

What impact has Divum imposed on the market by introducing the above projects?

Divum has transformed various industries by providing one-stop software solutions that are affordable and effective. Our solutions build towards a better future.

Divum has been a year-round contributor to open-source projects. We have built and contributed our codebase to various open-source projects and contributed code to other companies’ open-source projects as well.

Divum has also been involved in various community events and is active in the community by participating in various social media platforms such as Reddit, HackerNews, and Twitter.

We've also volunteered at technology meet-ups like Code for Singapore, where we participated in talks and led workshops on tech topics to benefit the community by sharing our knowledge.

Divum has also been a part of numerous startup conferences, such as Techshake, HackInMotion, and Enterprise Dev Conference, where we conduct technical talks to educate startups on how Divum’s products are built.

Divum has also participated in a number of startup conferences, including Techshake, HackInMotion, and Enterprise Dev Conference, where we gave technical sessions to educate entrepreneurs on how Divum's products are built.

Our team has successfully undergone a technology transformation process and explains to our clients the importance of working with us on their projects. Our ability to deliver a cost-effective, intelligent healthcare solution, which is a sought-after target by both clients and investors, is made possible by Divum's cutting-edge technology.