Cluster Software - Digital Automobile Instrument Cluster

Divum designed, engineered, and developed IoT-based software solutions for an upcoming cutting-edge automobile instrument cluster. This product was engineered and built for one of the leading automobile manufacturers.

A Digital Automobile Instrument Cluster with a centralized, situation-specific, real-time digital view can make driving safer and more fun. We assisted one of the world's leading automakers in designing, engineering, and developing the cluster software.

Our team's mission was to design, engineer, and develop a Digital Cluster Software that can help increase driver safety and bring an enhanced driving experience. The cluster software can detect driver behavior and respond with useful information. It is context-aware, which means it can respond differently to different situations. To accomplish this mission, we built on our research in the area of human factors engineering and applied those learnings to our work in this project.

We combined vehicle data, driver feedback, and personalization to create a seamless dashboard experience that reduces distractions and improves usability. Our contribution was a positive influence on the overall user experience as well as the Digital Cluster Interface (DCI) architecture.

Cluster Software - The Digital Automobile Instrument Cluster is the result of a productive partnership between Divum and the automobile manufacturer.

This system is a central point for the vehicle's information, communication, and control. It enables vehicle owners to control their automobile using their phone via an application that has been preinstalled and features a customizable style for each type of vehicle and an Eco mode that can be adjusted individually.

Our involvement extended from the initial concept to delivering the product on time and within budget. Divum's customer-centric design expertise was critical to this project's success. As a result, we could provide compelling software that meets customer expectations.

Divum provides products and services related to the Digital Cluster Interface architecture. Our technologies support efficient cluster control, seamless vehicle integration, and personalized human-machine interfaces.

Divum built web based applications to view/control on-board diagnostics and monitor vehicles, Digital Instrument Clusters (DICs), Electronic Control Units (ECUs), and other devices that are part of the Vehicle Control Network (VCN).