Employee Performance Analysis

Divum developed a one-of-a-kind Employee Performance Analysis platform by combining behavioral design, neuroscience, and predictive analytics. We implemented an enterprise gaming system to improve employee performance in large corporations by engineering a multi-tenant-based solution. Our solution has been applied to increase sales and retention in top-tier multinational corporations.

Customer is an AI tech company that is aimed at powering employee performance. The solution we provided is a multi-tenant-based Enterprise Gaming Systemto enhance employees' performance in sales and finance verticals of large-scale corporations.

A growing number of organizations recognize the importance of driving employee engagement and productivity through gamification. However, few have managed to do it successfully. Through this platform implementation, Divum set out to apply behavioral design, neuroscience, and predictive analytics to drive employee engagement and productivity on a large scale.

The game is played on a multi-tenant platform that enables the creation of an enterprise gaming system accessible by desktop and mobile users. The gaming solution allows employees to be active, engaged, and productive. At the same time, it will enable the company to collect data and insights on employee performance.

We applied behavioral design techniques such as incentive alignments and positive feedback to achieve enterprise-wide engagement. Data collected through our solution can be used to develop predictive analytics models that reveal insights about employee performance concerning sales volume, management style, risk management and personality assessment.