How Divum's Strategic Innovations and Market Leadership Have Made It a Frontrunner in the Competitive Tech Services Industry

Customers demand new solutions, products, and digital experiences in today's connected economy. The Big Data and Cloud wave have created an enormous opportunity to disrupt the traditional business models and business operations.

Businesses have employed technology service providers to modernize their products and services, with efficiency being the key priority and cost a close second. Divum's strategy is distinctive since we prioritize delivering services that boost revenue and efficiency while maintaining sustainable commercials.

As an innovative digital transformation partner, Divum combines several different digital technologies to create new and one-of-a-kind solutions to address its customers' challenges. With New Product Development (NPD) and Application Modernization, we aim to unleash the power of Cloud, Big Data, AI, and Machine Learning for its customers.

Our holistic solution combines NPD and Application Modernization to resolve customers' challenges efficiently. This post will take a closer look at what sets Divum apart from the market experiences.

1. Experienced leadership team

The team at Divum is led by great entrepreneurs and professionals with decades of expertise in technology with a proven track record of excellence. Our services exemplify the passion for excellent customer experience. Divum's innovative solutions are critical for organizations at large, allowing the company to gain a foothold in their respective industry.

2. 10X experience in NPD

The introduction of a truly revolutionary product alters the consumer’s perception of a brand and transforms the way it interacts with its target market. The NPD team at Divum takes a strategic approach by analyzing the priorities of an organization and the gaps to shape the development process and maximize success. Divum's experience in a variety of industrial verticals assists customers in addressing their unique technological issues. Our team has almost 10X more experience in NPD than the market average.

3. Experience in delivering Cloud projects

The top brass of Divum has worked with Amazon Web Services, Microsoft's Azure, Google Cloud, and Oracle Cloud. Our NPD team has extensive experience dealing with multiple cloud service providers and, as a result, understands how to extract value from diverse cloud platforms based on the customer's needs.

Divum understands the utility of various cloud platforms and how each platform performs differently and can be used efficiently to meet its customers' needs.

4. Solving challenges using AI & ML

With Divum's AI and ML team, customers can quickly identify the underlying relationships across multiple data sets and solve their challenges with ease. We believe in using AI and ML technologies to solve its customers' problems, as it provides a rich set of powerful capabilities that significantly streamline day-to-day work.

5. Experience in Agile methodologies

Divum's experience with the Agile approach is much greater than the market average. The reason is Divum NPD team has years of expertise in numerous industry verticals, such as Banking & Insurance, Healthcare, Retail, and Telecom, across multiple geographies, including the United States, India, South East Asia, and the Middle East, thus aiding in adoption of various Agile methodologies in accordance with distinct industry standards. This helps Divum ace the Agile methodology in its NPD projects.

6. Solving complex business challenges

The team here at Divum follows a systematic approach to tackling the most enigmatic problems. It also involves connecting with the executives of the organization to perform small A/B testing for the most constructive solution to complex challenges.

What separates us from others?

  • Our engineers are always engaged in challenging and globally significant projects/innovations. As a result, their abilities continue to deepen and sharpen.
  • Engineers are never inactive or placed on a bench for an extended period of time. Thus they never lose practical experience.
  • Engineers are free to pick tasks/stories in addition to their primary tech skills within a project.
  • Across organizations, engineers are free to build expertise and move across any tech stack.
  • At Divum, programming is not about language; it is about problem-solving. Language is “just a tool".
  • Divum developers constantly embrace new technologies without reluctance and are proficient in many languages/technologies.
  • Engineers have an integral role in and are exposed to all stages of the product development process.
  • There are no hierarchical boundaries, and engineers are free to approach, seek advice, and directly work with the top engineering/leadership teams at Divum and its customers.


The core team at Divum has years of expertise in creating end-to-end solutions for businesses in a wide range of sectors and regions. Faster GTM, Efficient team, A/B testing, no Capex (capital expenditure) to hire your development team, get your NPD out quicker with the help of an expert team at Divum.

We offer you speed, efficiency, and effectiveness as we have a dedicated product development team ready to work on your NPD project. With our services, we hope to assist you in meeting your business objectives of increased sales, reduced costs, increased revenues, and possibly new product ideas.

Our team has the experience, expertise, and knowledge to turn your idea or concept into reality before anyone else. We have worked with clients in industries such as automotive, consumer goods, retail, and services across the globe.

Our primary goal is to build a world-class Digital Transformation Services organization capable of taking on even the most complex projects from conception to execution, delivery, and post-implementation.