Divum Route Optimization Engine (DROE)

Divum Route Optimization Engine (DROE)

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With route optimization, the days of manually calculating and sending parcels to the right recipients in your business are long gone. Through automated route planning and routing, you can manage shipments with fewer errors and edge past competitors by using routes that are more efficient for you. Divum offers this service through its Divum Route Optimization Engine, which is a turnkey solution for delivering parcels.

The rise of automated technology is making it easier for businesses to operate without human intervention. But that doesn't mean every route is as efficient as it could be; there are still hundreds of problems that come up each day due to a lack of knowledge in routing data analysis.

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What is Divum Route Optimization Engine?

Route optimization is a technique to make a business' operations more efficient. It is used to select and optimize the routes that products will take as they are being shipped.

To ensure your shipments are sent on the best possible route, you need to ensure you have the most accurate route data available. Divum Route Optimization Engine provides this automation by delivering automated route data analysis and support services based on your needs. This allows you to make faster and more accurate routing decisions, which in turn produce more efficient shipping results for your business.

Unique Selling Propositions of DROE:

  • Pre-built Module saves months of development time
  • Faster GTM (go-to-market)
  • Built on Cloud: Reliable & Secure
  • Customizable & malleable to your requirements

How does Divum Route Optimization Engine help?

Divum Route Optimization Engine is a revolutionary technology that can help you make better business decisions — whether you've got an error-prone routing problem already or are looking ahead to avert future issues.

Features of Divum Optimization Engine:

Solve complex routing problems by combining the most efficient route with dynamic optimization. It offers a lot of features.

  • Ability to source for and compare multiple public transportation options in one seamless web-based solution.
  • Immediate access to the most up-to-date transit information in your area, including real-time data, schedules, and alerts.
  • Built-in integration with GPS-enabled smartphones and apps to provide step-by-step directions within a store, on the street, or in your office.
  • Interactivity with Google Maps for seamless navigation.
  • Dynamic route optimization by identifying the maximum passing opportunities at each intersection based on real-time, live data from the transit system. This gives you an instant alert if there's a change to a bus route or interchange. Optimized routes are shown onscreen in real-time, so you can decide whether to go ahead or postpone your trip.
  • Anticipatory routing, is a powerful feature that lets you create a backup plan for unexpected delays on public transportation.

Benefits of Choosing Divum Route Optimization Engine:

  1. Speed of Routing :
  2. In the past, operators of bus routes often had set schedules that required full stops for each passenger, but limited stations in their routes.

    Even with a few days' notice, operators could not change bus lines to accommodate riders or changes in the weather. It was a constant process of preparing schedules, planning trips, and monitoring traffic.

    With Divum Route Optimization Engine (DROE), you can make those changes on the fly and save time while still being able to complete your trip flawlessly. You never have to worry about how to change your route when you're away from home or the office because DROE has that all taken care of for you!

  3. Optimized Choices :
  4. When it comes to public transportation, there is a big difference between what you want to do and what is possible. With DROE, you get to make the choices you want for your business — factoring in real-time data, the weather, or even competitors — without having to deal with limitations. Choose which modes of transportation you want for each location, whether that means a taxi or Uber driver, or a public transportation option like a bus line or train station.

  5. Improve Operations:
  6. Technology has become an important component of business operations. One way companies can gain an advantage over their competition is by optimizing their routing processes. DROE saves time and administrators save money, so whether your company has a few employees or a few thousand, it can be used to optimize routes in every area of your business. With DROE, you'll never have to worry about whether your business is getting the most out of each route. Take DROE for a test drive today!

  7. Shortcuts:
  8. When it comes to driving from A to B, there are a lot of things that can delay or even mess up your trip. Whether you want to speed through traffic or avoid an accident at a busy intersection, DROE gives you instant access to the information you need to get there on time and in perfect condition.

Summary :

The entire business world has been evolving rapidly in the last decade. The advent of transportation technology introduced many ways to optimize routes for businesses. The best thing about Divum Route Optimization Engine is that it speeds up business operations and decisions, along with saving travel expenses. This can be a great way for shipping companies to optimize the routing of their shipments and get more efficiency from their operations.

This all means that you can use it in any place you want, from anywhere! If you're struggling with routing issues such as inflexibility, time waste, and costs, try DROE out today!

Frequently Asked Questions :

Question 1: What is DROE?

Answer: DROE is a powerful route optimization engine that provides an easy-to-use, flexible and intelligent solution for optimizing your routes. It comes with a lot of features such as dynamic optimization based on real-time data, anticipatory routing, multi-modal navigation, shortcuts, etc.

Question 2: What is the difference between DROE and other solutions?

Answer: Most solutions are designed for specific industries or tasks such as Incident detection, Dynamic routing, etc. They cannot cover all aspects of routing. In contrast to them, DROE is designed to optimize all your routes regardless of their complexity and scale.

Question 3: How do solve the routing challenges with the capabilities of Divum Routing Optimization Engine?

Answer: According to the complexity of your routes, you can use more capacity and resources to optimize your routes. Divum will provide you with an unlimited capacity to optimize your routing process.

We believe that with our collective knowledge and skills, we can bring Divum to its initial goal of becoming a world-renowned brand in the transportation route optimization market through the continuous release of high-quality products to our customers.

Question 4: What is the process to get started?

Answer 4: After registration, you can get qualified to use the main functions of the Divum Route Optimization Engine. Then you may access the full suite of Divum products by paying a monthly subscription fee.

Question 5: What is your minimum subscription period?

Answer 5: We are committed to providing customers with a stable service. Hence, we offer three options for our customers' routes. The term and purchase price of each route will be automatically renewed after 90 days if one or more component of service remains active at the end of the term. New customers may purchase an additional route for $25 per month with a new three-year agreement. (you can change the rates)